Darwood's Statement

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Fuzzy Discography
​​We’re a good band. 
Or we were a good band.
We made some quirky songs and we sounded entirely like ourselves. 
If you were amongst the few that ever saw us live, I know you saw something great. 
Whether the crowd was a thousand or one, we always had fun.

(Shoutout to the 2 people trying to quietly enjoy a pint, the sound engineer, the promoter, Jack’s wife and the venue bar staff at that empty Spice Of Life gig we did that all ended up giving us a standing O)
We once did a festival in the Isle of Wight and had no accommodation afterwards, so we stayed the night on a bench by the harbour and smoked us an ounce of that good ol’ Isle of Wight herb.
We’ve supported and played with so many bands and acts; Wretch 32, Professor Green, Katy B, Tinie Temper, Jovel all around England.
I say all that as I’ve accepted that in this digital age, no one gives a shit.
I’ve also accepted that we broke up a while back but being stubborn, I tried to carry on cos I hate quitting. 
Why did we break up? The truth is we got Yoko Ono’d! (Shout out my co-Beatle fans that will get that)
Myself excluded, a girl fucked the band and the man dem couldn’t handle the fallout. 
Side note: To be honest, I actually rate and respect the young woman’s hustle because if a guy fucked all the members of Destiny’s Child except Beyoncé (I’m obviously the Beyoncé in this scenario) then we’d all be patting him on the back and calling him a legend but if a girl does the same we start labelling her some derogatory names. Fuck your double standards, the young Lady in question is a legend to me. Anyways I digress...
Whilst all this drama was happening we went up to Oxford and set up a studio in Christ Church college sports ground and recorded all these incredible songs. 
Shortly after, our Drummer left, then our Bassist left. My girl at the time left, I made a film that flopped in the cinemas. Thinking it was strength of character, I tried to bury all this pain, but by not telling anyone how I was feeling I ended up in a sunken place. In the wilderness, I decided to escape myself by going to work a normal day job in construction.
Me and the Guitarist tried to continue with some very cool replacements but it weren’t the same. The Guitarist suggested we carry on as a duo but I never really believed in that idea so…
Anyways I’ve been sitting on this album since 2015 as I tried to get some buzz around the music that would get you lot and the world to notice us. But the truth is I don’t know how to work this internet thingy to do that plus going on social media triggers my depression so I’m not going to be smart enough to work out how to get this to the larger audience I believe this album deserves. 
The other day I got into an argument with God about all this. With all the shit going on the world, that’s what I selfishly spoke to God about. I’m glad I did. God spoke to me in my own voice and I realised that God has the cheekiest sense of humour ever. After that I decided to accept that I can’t beat or outsmart God so I need to stop compromising myself and just exist in happiness. So I’m letting go.
Here’s the album, (I understand the song “Marathon” I wrote after my argument with God a whole better now)
If you can be bothered to listen, go ahead and thank you. If not, no worries, I do care that you don’t but there’s nothing I can do about it. Thank you to anyone that’s ever taken their time to check us out and especially if you’ve ever come to gig.
I’m a Genius whether or not you accept that fact. I’m Black Jesus.