Jack's Statement

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Fuzzy Discography
Well, that was quite a journey. This has been a huge part of my life for 10.5 years, but it's finally time to let go.
We really wanted to make a proper last push for this album and give you all one last gig to see us out, but it wasn't to be.
After this long ol' wait, we can't wait for you all to listen to this album. We completed it over 4 years ago in the cricket pavilion my dad was working in, in the summer of 2012. We managed to source all of the equipment from various places ourselves, ship it to Oxford, create a drum room (space between the toilets, padded out with rugby pads), form a one-off 3 piece brass ensemble, dust off a flute, re-work an original hammond organ and keep it together for one long week of beer, whiskey and fajita fueled fun.

First thanks are due to all the band members who came and went over the years. The original team of Darwood, Ben Lewis, Nico & Jack Case. The most prolific drummer Daniel Servante, Gary Annells, Tom Budakan Pearson, Daniel Adeyemi, Tom Bailey, James Thackery, Daniel King & Tom Jordan.

Thanks to all the bands & musicians we played with around the UK (there have been a lot!). Some of my favourites include Plya (formerly Sykes), The Half Rabbits, The Mighty Redox & Vienna Ditto.

Thanks to all the promoters, especially Richard Catherall from Gappy Tooth (first of many Oxford gigs) and Phil & Sue from Klub Kakofanney (many Oxford gigs!). London's a tricky one, but the untrickiest and most awesomest promoter (and compere) you could ever hope for...Spoon! Love you Spoon.

All the venues that have hosted us and our Fuzzy & Friends nights and every venue that continues to exist in the face of a tidal wave of systematic closures. Special mention to The Wheatsheaf in Oxford (and all of my Oxford friends who packed it out every time!) for hosting many memorable nights.

Thanks to all the festival experiences, especially DesFest (kudos Des! The cider almost cost our Trumpeteers lips) and Dubfest, where we ended up stranded on the Isle of Wight overnight, sleeping in (and smoking out!) an old bus stop.

Thank you to all of the Radio DJs who've supported us, from the nationwide (Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 & DJ Target, 1xtra) to the regional (Dave Gileat, BBC Oxford Introducing & Andreas G. Wood, Susy Radio) and everyone in between.

Special mentions due to Uche for all of your support, Ben Reyes for his tireless photography, Garudio Studiage for mates rates EP and T shirt printing, Clive Morgan for his Goodtimesdotcometh artwork, Will Long for his exceptional artwork on Glow In The Dark EP and the album, Adam Pelling Deeves for his overly generous video work, Phil Platt for filming many memorable moments, Stanley Gabriel for recording our first AA side, Roger McClenahan for producing our first EP and of course, Arie van Der Poel, for his amazing work on the Glow In The Dark EP and our final masterpiece, Does Anybody Here Speak Martian?

Most importantly!!!
Thank YOU. To everyone that came to the first (Big Chill House) and last gig (The Beer Shop) and every other gig in between.
Thank you for buying a ticket (or 50 tickets) , a CD, a T shirt or a pint (for me). Thank you to Sophie and all of my family and friends who supported us in any and every way you did and could. Looking forward to catching Theo playing the album in his earphones trying to deny that daddy was in a cool band.

Looking forward to starting a new project and following Darwoods next move! But for now, goodbye all!

Jack x